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Jillian Sokoloff

Jillian Sokoloff, MA, MFT specializes in life coaching, therapy, and grief counseling. She has been a therapist for over 11 years. Jillian received her Masters degree in Marriage and Family therapy from Alliant International University. She spent her internship at San Diego Hospice. Her therapeutic style blends Cognitive Behavioral, Client Centered, Strength-based, and includes Personal Insight. Jillian has a passion for helping people deal with grief issues. She is a published author in the field of Substance Abuse.  

Through her experience and training, she has developed specializations in grief and loss, trauma, couples, and family work. Jillian works with people who struggle through normal grief reactions associated with the death of a loved one, as well as those dealing with complicated grief reactions. 

Jillian never intended to be a grief counselor but after a tragedy and the loss of her grandfather who raised her she felt a calling to help others. Jillian was born and raised in New York and sadly on 911 she lost 5 people in one day. Two years before 911 she lost her precious grandfather and her world was forever shattered. It is through these deaths that she has a profound understanding of loss in a way she never wanted. She has used these experiences to help others and feels it’s her calling to help those who are grieving. 

She believes the relationship between client and therapist is essential to growth and healing. Providing a safe, non-judgmental environment is the first step towards accomplishing this goal. Jillian will work to help you understand and change the patterns that may be interfering with achieving a satisfying and fulfilling life. 

Jillian is also a Life Coach for people who are tired of their boring and mundane jobs/careers and want meaningful and purpose-led lives. In addition, she is a relationship coach to help people striving to improve all aspects of their relationships. 

 Jillian brings a unique perspective to the field of career and life coaching because of her 11 years of experience as a therapist.

 What makes her unique is an insatiable curiosity, a knack for detecting patterns in seemingly unrelated information and an inability to tell anything but the unvarnished truth. We all do better when we have an objective partner working in concert with us to achieve our goals and work through life's challenges and opportunities. Jillian knows how to be there for her clients. As one client said: "She truly cares and wants her clients to do well, and asks the right questions in order to help guide you to reach your goals."

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