Grief Counseling

How exactly can grief counseling help you? Whether you've lost your spouse, your parent has passed away, someone you love ended their life, you're recently divorced, or you're struggling with a difficult break-up, you've lost someone you love. You have no control over this roller coaster of emotions you feel. You're grieving and what you need from yourself and others is compassion, patience, support and understanding as you work your way through your unique grief journey. But, you don't have time for this. You just want to feel better. Now.
But that's the trouble with grief. It takes time. And you've learned this. You've tried to push it away. You've tried to


run from it by distracting yourself with a million little tasks, a busy social life, by drowning yourself in mindless TV or a bottle of wine. And its not working. You still feel sad. You miss them. You long for their company. You're angry at them for leaving you behind. You feel guilty for things you think you should have done differently.
You have no control over your feelings and sometimes wonder if you're going crazy because you've never felt like this before. You judge yourself and you think others do too.
Without getting the support you need, you will continue on this lonely journey, isolated in your grief, trying to put on a good game face, holding back or hiding your tears, staying strong because that's what's expected of you. And you will feel depleted because your needs aren't being met. Because you're not taking care of yourself and you're not getting the support you need.
Therapy acts as a bridge between the old and the new. Old and new ways of living. Of thinking. Of feeling. Of doing. As you cross that bridge, you let go of anything that isn't serving you... the anger, the guilt, the fear of judgment. And bring with you anything that will serve you as you move forward with your new life... self-compassion, permission to grieve, hope that you will feel better, and faith that wounds will heal and scars will fade.

You're at that bridge. The choice to stand still or to take the next step is yours. Whoever you are. Whoever you have lost. If you're here, you’re looking for support and guidance through your unique grief journey. And, wherever you are on your unique grief journey, I am here to support you

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