Jillian Sokoloff M.A., MFT

Who are you, and who do you want to be?

Perhaps you are struggling to answer these questions. All of us go through phases when we're unsure how to proceed and our confidence fails us. We may feel insignificant, stagnant, and alone. We may not believe it's possible to make changes in ourselves and in our relationships. Regardless of your situation, sometimes the most effective solution is to seek guidance. I can offer you a neutral, non-judgmental presence that is eager to understand and guide you to a place of healing and growth. No struggle is too hard, no depth is too low to come back stronger than you were before. Allow me to travel the journey with you.

I offer therapy, life coaching, and grief counseling in Cottage Grove and Eugene as well as sessions via telehealth (online).

Even though there are many different types of therapy, they all aim for the same result -- symptom relief. A symptom, simply put, is something about the client that is causing them distress. Some therapies focus on directly changing your thought process or a behavior. Others strive to go deeper, looking at what brought on this thought process or behavior in the first place. Either way, the hopeful result is for you to feel better, to lead a more authentic and satisfying life. 

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